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Display Network Campaigns

Be seen.

That’s what display ads are all about.


They’re eye-catching, they’re relevant and they’re effective. At least, they are when they’re done right.


Display ads are those you see alongside the content on third party websites, which pull in customers through intelligent targeting.


Visibility is the main benefit businesses get through these, as even when a potential customer doesn’t click through, your brand is still in their field of vision.


But they don’t run on the same rules as other types of PPC marketing and therefore can be a little tricky to implement for those without a lot of experience in the area.


When people see display ads, they’re often in the middle of something else - reading an article, for example - so to make that type of marketing work, brands need to pull the user away from their current task.


Easier said than done, right?


We’ve tested a range of different techniques over the years and found some common themes which work very well for our clients.


Most of the time, but very much depending on the customer, we prioritise the conversion rate over the click-through rate. If you want to, you can create all manner of flashy ads that catch a lot of people’s attention but most businesses don’t need to spend money bringing people through to their site who will never end up buying anything.


For most companies, the most effective approach uses the insight we learn about you to target specifically those who will actually buy from you.


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