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Linkedin Paid Ads


Be Smart

LinkedIn can be overlooked, with advertisers often favouring rivals Facebook and Twitter. But it shouldn’t be. It might be smaller than other social networks but it has 433 million members and some very unique qualities.


What’s exciting about LinkedIn is that you can target by job title and function, by industry, by company size and even by seniority. On no other platform can you do that.


It’s perfect for any business that targets other businesses as it can be tailored exactly to your customer.


Let’s say you’re a solicitor who primarily deals with media law. You can choose to target only people who work in the media industry.


But not many people know it can be great for business to consumer ads too. Luxury goods retailer? You’re probably going to want your ads shown only to CEOs of companies with more than 50 employees.


We’ve got a wealth of experience when it comes to LinkedIn ads. Let us take the guesswork out of it for you.


Find out more about how we can help you reach the right people on LinkedIn by contacting us below or calling 0113 4333563

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