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Strategy is everything.

Especially when it comes to remarketing.


When making a purchase, it’s not uncommon for customers to do a little research, visiting several sites and ultimately deciding not to buy at that time. Many businesses face the problem of harnessing that initial interest and pulling potential customers back after they’ve left the site.


That’s what remarketing is for.


Remarketing works by showing ads for your product or service to previous visitors of your site as they use Google or browse the web. It’s an effective way of reminding them you’re still there.


The crucial element of remarketing is strategy, and we will work with you to make sure yours is smart and successful.


We will always work on a campaign based on a target cost per acquisition (CPA) set by you, or you might find return on ad spend (ROAS) the best metric.


It all really depends on what you want to achieve. Do you want to cross sell services based on other purchases? Or send offers to people who have already bought? Or retarget people who bough a product a year ago and it might be time for them to be looking to buy again. These require different approaches.


And then there’s timing too, something we know a lot about, which can be the difference between an average remarketing campaign and one that’s a roaring success.


Whatever your needs, we’ll ensure you get the best strategy for your business.


Interested in remarketing? Contact us below or call 0113 4335363 and we’ll be happy to help.

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