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Are Your PPC Keywords & Landing Pages Meeting Expectations?

It takes a long time to craft a great PPC campaign, careful consideration goes into initially picking the correct keywords and landing pages to use but how do you know if user expectations are being met on your landing pages once they click on your adverts?

Besides keeping an eye on how long users are spending on the page i like to use a report in Google analytics called 'site search' this report shows the keywords that people are inputting in your websites search box. If you have matched your keywords up exactly with your landing page people shouldnt need to use the site search so we can get some useful information to see if something isnt quite lining up correctly. You can find this report under 'behaviour > site search > Overview however before you get into looking at the data you do need to do a bit of setup to get the site search report to work. This is really easy to do as detailed here on the Google support page

Once you're all setup and on the site search overview page click on 'view full report' on the bottom right of the page as we need to be able to add a secondary dimension to the report so we can just look at our PPC keywords against these search terms. Click on 'secondary dimension and search for keyword which will be under advertising. This will make sure its just looking at your PPC keywords.

Analytics secondary dimention

Now we can see what search terms were used on the website and what keyword they came in on. The theory being that if we are getting click on a particular keyword but people are searching for a different product then we have some work to figure out why. There could be a lot of reasons why someone may use the search function of the website when they should have the product they are looking for in front of them including:

* Product is out of stock

* Product isn't quite what they are looking for

* Keyword match type is too broad so we need to check our search query reports for that particular keyword to make sure our ads arent being shown against irrelevant keywords.

An example of the top site search for one of our clients is 'Brass Bulkhead' however the keyword used to get to the landing page is 'brass bulkhead light' this should present what the client is after so we need to check to see if its out of stock and also the search query reports as its likely that we have some search queries that need adding to our negative keyword list.

So there you have it, it can take a while to go through the report, if you want to cleanup the report further to get rid of the 'not provided' keywords then simply add a filter to the report by clicking on advanced and simply exclude the keywords containing (not provided)

Let us know how you use the site search report.

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