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Why you need to use Google Tag Manager

The world of online marketing is getting more and more complex as the customer journey becomes more complicated the number of potential touch points that marketing campaigns can and need to reach has increased exponentially in the past few years. Depending on what demographics you’re targeting you could be using a lot of different platforms to reach them such as:

  • Google PPC

  • Bing/Yahoo PPC

  • Facebook/Instagram advertising

  • Twitters ads

  • Affiliate networks

  • Retargeting networks

  • YouTube advertising etc

Tracking all of the campaigns that you’re running successfully is an artform in itself but having Google tag manager installed takes the hassle out of getting your development team involved each time a new tracking pixel needs to be added.

This is because ones the Tag manager code is on your website it creates a container tag allowing you to easily add all of the tracking pixels to the website. Once you have inputted your tag in tags section of the page you add a trigger to your conversion tag so it only fires when certain conditions are met such as the person gets to your thankyou page. Example below:

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