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Social Media Advertising 

Social Media

Get new customers.


You might not be using social media advertising right now but you should be.


The difference with social media ads is that you’re able to access new sets of people entirely. Instead of only targeting by the keywords someone searches, you can focus on social groups too. If you’re a comic book shop in Middlesbrough, you can advertise to Star Trek or Marvel fans in the North East, rather than relying on people searching specifically for comic book shops in their area - a search they may not have thought to do.


That’s what great about paid social media - it can work hand-in-hand with any social media strategy you already have to tell people your business exists.


How about targeting people with a specific job title? Something like that would be difficult through Google or Bing but is incredibly easy and very effective through social media.


Contact us below to find out more about how social media PPC can help you, or look at our social media services below for for information.

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