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Twitter Paid Ads



Twitter is a great tool. It’s free, promotes loyalty and allows direct engagement with your customer. But it can be tricky to build momentum when you don’t have a lot of followers to start with.


That’s where advertising is really beneficial. Promoting your account, tweets or trends are all ways to grab the attention of new customers.


Suddenly got a spare couple of days in your calendar or stock that you need to get rid of fast? Twitter is arguably the quickest way to reach the people that matter to you. It’s not just about getting followers either - there are so many ways to direct traffic from Twitter to your site.


At first glance, Twitter may look like a blunt instrument, but in actual fact, it could not be more different.


If you want to get back on the radar of some old customers, as long as you have their email addresses, you can simply import each one into Twitter, find the corresponding Twitter profile, create a Tailored Audience list and target your advertising specifically at those people… or you can let us do all this for you.


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